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Customer experience

"Blend has worked out how to centralize the management of ads and deliver campaigns to the various platforms in a really efficient and reliable manner ... I feel confident in scaling our revenue now with Blend and I can deliver ads faster and fresher."
"For once marketing that works within a cost-effective framework! ... we are going from strength to strength using this platform as an integral part of our online marketing - can't recommend higher"
"Blend has completely revolutionized the way I approach online ads. After trying expensive agencies with poor results. I can now finally stop worrying about how to optimise various channels. I love the transparency and simplicity - they have managed to make something that once was complex, now incredibly easy and profitable !”
"Blend is AMAZING! ... I love everything about this platform... they actually care and want your business to succeed... I love how I can design my own ads and upload them to multiple channels in a matter of seconds. I highly recommend Blend to anyone who is wanting to grow their online business!"