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Search, Shopping, Remarketing, Smart Feed. People are looking for your product, and we make sure they don’t have to look far.
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Supported Microsoft Ads Features

Shopping Ads

Standout with custom product images, pricing & seller details next to text search results.

Dynamic Search

Advertise to customers with ads automatically targetted to their search queries, when they are searching for your product.


Remarket to customers that have seen your products elsewhere.

Merchant Promo

Stand out with "special offer" links. Merchant promotions improve the visibility & ROI of your shopping ads.

Smart Feed

Integrate high performing product feeds from your site with Microsoft Ads in real time with unlimited SKUs.
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Microsoft Ads Powered With Blend

Tap Into A Brand New Audience

Microsoft Ads are perfect for ecommerce store owners, allowing advertisers to tap into an entirely new audience that won't be found on Google. Blend AI ads across Microsoft create more opportunities to find your customers that are actively searching for your products.

Cost Effective & Flexible

Microsoft Ads typically have a lower cost per click than Google Ads. Running ads across both Google & Microsoft is a fast way to gather valuable customer data & develop advertising audiences. Microsoft ads perform really well for eCommerce stores with strong ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) on shopping ads especially.

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Ecommerce Ads Simplified

Blend leverages machine learning and automation to remove the complexity of running ads for your ecommerce store.

With Blend you can build ads, audiences & scale profitably across multiple ad channels for a fraction of cost of a traditional agency.

Key Features
  • Automate your budget allocation across ad channels
  • Run campaigns across multiple ad networks
  • Centralized ad creation platform
  • Manage your audiences from a single location


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