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Creating and managing online advertisments has never been easier.

Making online advertising easy for everyone.

Blend connects to your Shopify store helping you measure the impact your ads are having on revenue.

Designed for Shopify

Product Feed

Showcase your products on Google, Facebook, Bing and TikTok.

Blend integrates your store's inventory with major advertising platforms by creating a high-converting product feed. To drive even more revenue to the store we analyse your products and implement sales strategies best suited for your current inventory.

Create Ads

Say goodbye to platform fatigue and start testing new channels for your digital marketing.

Create one version of your ad and publish it across multiple advertising channels with a few simple clicks.
Step 1.
Create ads easily with our ad wizard.

Manage audiences

You don't need to be an expert to craft new target audiences for your ads.

Blend makes audience creation easy for everyone.
Step 2.
Define your target audiences with ease.

Multiple ad channels

Tired of learning new ad channels?

Our support for multiple advertising channels lets you quickly spread your message and trial new strategies in seconds.
Step 3.

Measure results

Measure return on ad spend accurately with sales attributed directly to your adverts thanks to our integration with your Shopify store.
Step 4.
Manage your entire portfolio of online ads.

Prospect & Retarget

Automatic prospecting and retargeting, spend allocation and constant monitoring means your ad budget is working harder, smarter and maximising return.
Maximise your return on ad spend.

Our partners

Blend AI is a marketing partner of leading social platforms.


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