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2024, US 🇺🇸

Key events in the next 120 days

International Women's Day 👩
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Easter 🐰 🐣
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👩 Mother’s Day
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🧔‍♂️ Father's Day🧔‍♂️
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Marketing Calendar - why should you plan?

As the value of online promotions becomes more prevalent, so too does the need for organised, innovative and cohesive ad production. Digital advertising accounts for a large amount of many companies’ ad spend, with the global digital advertising and marketing segment set to reach $786.2 billion USD by 2026, almost double that of 2021.

Through communication about your company, you create opportunities for people to hear about your business and invest in these offerings, increasing brand awareness. By creating consistency through more effective and efficient campaigns, you will see an increased marketing ROI and feel more in charge of your promotional offerings.

Staying on time (and on budget!) with marketing has never been easier with Blend's Marketing Calendar. Key marketing dates work on a cyclical basis (meaning they happen every year!), as such, Blend’s Marketing Calendar seeks to centralize your planning efforts and keep you prepared for sale periods or holiday seasons with innovative and informative ad copy ideas - year round!

Seamlessly providing a detailed, creative and engaging marketing calendar, Blend gives you the confidence to plan ahead and make the most of your online marketing and ad spend. Subscribe now to get alerts for upcoming events, targeted to whatever country you’d like to advertise in!