Fiona Fu
Fiona Fu
Ad Creatives
February 6, 2023

Ad Content and Copy Ideas for Valentine's Day 💖

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romance and love and has consequently become a highly meaningful day for many couples across the world. A largely important aspect of this day is exchanging gifts - something that has been traditionally employed as a kind gesture to express love and appreciation to one another 💌

Here are some ideas on how you can utilise the gift-giving nature of this occasion to encourage customers to purchase gifts from your store for their significant other and consequently boost your sales!

A Curated Collection of Valentine’s Day Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can often be extremely tricky - many people will have no idea what to get for their partner. With the abundance of product offerings available online, gift options can become confusing and overwhelming for potential buyers.

Offering a curated collection of gifts and/or gift sets particularly for this occasion can make Valentine’s Day a lot easier for customers and hence make your store an attractive option for individuals on the hunt for the perfect gift 🛍

You can utilise phrases like “Our Exclusive Valentine’s Day Collection” and “The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift” to effectively promote your store’s offering!

Special Deals and Promotions

Encourage potential customers to buy from your store by offering deals and promotions exclusively for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, people will need a small incentive to encourage a purchase and more than often, special deals can be enough to prompt individuals to purchase. 

You can do this by providing discounts from your store, offering free shipping or including special gifts with purchases. Taglines like “Share the Love with 20% Off!” can be used to effectively advertise your promotions 🛒

Personalised Gift Packaging Options

Adding an element of personal touch always adds to the gift giving experience, where the recipient will feel more special when unboxing their present 🎁

Gift wrapping, cards and even handwritten notes are all amazing components of a thoughtful and personalised gift. By offering these services during the Valentine’s Day period, it can incentivise people to shop from your store and can be advertised by saying this such as “The Perfect Gift With a Personal Touch”

Offering Express Shipping

Individuals may forget to purchase a gift for Valentine’s Day and if they’re not quick enough, standard shipping may mean that their gift won’t come in time.

Something that you can do to attract these potential customers is offering express shipping to ensure that their gift will still come before the day. This can be promoted with a tagline like “It’s Not Too Late for the Perfect Gift!” 

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