Bailey Anson
Bailey Anson
September 8, 2022

Ad Content and Copy Ideas to Generate More Clicks

Ad Content and Copy Ideas to Generate More Clicks

Utilising digital media such as online ads has become increasingly crucial to a brand's success. As such, the content and copy used within ads is critical for lasting impressions that can lead to conversions from potential consumers. Try implementing some of the techniques below to amplify your store's online presence and legitimize your content marketing campaigns.

Understand Configuration of Ads on Desktop and Mobile Interfaces

In order to effectively manage your advertising campaign, you need to understand how the various elements of your campaign perform on different devices. You also need to consider the growing number of people using software such as ad blockers on their mobile devices, which means that your ads may not appear as intended to the end user and target audiences.

If you are running ads on a CPC basis, you'll only see a slight difference in the number of views between desktop and mobile users. On average, 56% of mobile and 57% of tablet users search for products on a weekly basis, compared to only 37% of consumers using desktop, proving that mobile configurations, more than ever, should be an important consideration when creating online advertisements.

Conversions are similar on desktop and mobile, except that on a mobile device, you can't usually see the conversion happening. This is due to the limited viewport of a mobile devices, which only shows the ad once users have clicked on it. As a result, if you're looking for immediate and direct engagement, you might want to consider an ad format that doesn't require users to click to see the full value proposition. For example, full-screen video ads get a lot of engagement because users can see the value proposition without having to click on something else.

Thinking about your ads from the perspective of your consumers will allow you to create the most profitable and engaging user interface. Remember to configure images and text so that it can be easily accessible and legible for users on any device!

Blend makes this process incredibly easy taking your content and creating multiple versions compatible across channels and formats automatically!

Implement Eye-Catching Product Images, Keywords and Emoji's

People are most likely on their smartphones, so displaying ads in a place where people are used to seeing content is likely to get you a click, a share, or a purchase. When you think about keywords, you may immediately think about search engine optimisation (SEO), but, SEO is only one part of the equation. When performing SEO, you typically want to choose keywords that are relevant to your service or product and that are commonly searched for by people looking for that product or service. For example, if you run a children's clothing store and choose the right keywords, you may notice that customers often search for "kids' clothing" or "children's wear" rather than simply "clothing". Think about your specific niche and what you'll use as keywords for your site and social media accounts. Keyword search and inclusion will boost your brand awareness online!

While it's best to have at least some visuals associated with your store ad, having pretty pictures of your products isn't necessary. In fact, having nothing more than a logo and a couple of well-designed products can be just as effective. But, if you're using a service like iStockPhoto etc, you can choose from a library of stock images that are perfect for displaying on your website if your product is not tangible.

Alternatively, organic images of your product that you have been taken by you are fantastic for approachability etc. For example, a company that sells ceramic tiles may choose to use the hashtag #ceramictiles to help people find their posts related to this product. They may also choose to use the hashtag #sale to mark a special promotion or to let people know about an ongoing sale.

Also, try to write a concise but informative description for each product ranging from a few sentences to a few paragraphs (dependent on whether the ad is focused on one product or a product list). For example, the phrase "Beautiful and functional ceramic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms" would make a good description for a product offering ceramic tiles. But if you're using the tiles as a showcase for your kitchen's design, you may want to write something like "Glamorous and functional ceramic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms – inspired by the artistry of X Design Group."

Additionally, emojis allow for further engagement, with posts that use emoticons having a 57% higher like rate, a 33% higher comment rate, and a 33% higher share rate by humanising your brand and emphasising communication of your posts through headlines with symbols. Emojis also allow for context for your copy, it keeps the information fun and approachable and, especially in email marketing, allows your store to stand out from the crowd.

Look at the two examples below for a candy brand and see how creating great content can change the efficacy of your advertising.

Ad A). Facebook Ad Mock-Up (left). Ad B). Facebook Ad Mock-Up (right)

Ad A). Facebook Mock-Up has a generic copy with no specificity, little amounts of visual excitement (through use of black and white, and a cartoon image) and no call-to-action for customers to purchase item

Ad B). Facebook Mock-Up invites users in with an offering of 'some of the finest confectionery', includes visual aids, and provides a clear purchase call-to-action so users can move on to the next stage of the interaction process within the store, it also hosts a physical image of the goods.

Which ad do you think is better suited to effective online promotions?

Ensure Language is Consistent When Talking About Your Store

Having a strong, concise call to action that compels the reader to take action is essential to any successful ad. Although the target audiences may differ for your store platform to platform, finding a consistent and sustained voice is exceedingly important to maintain professionalism and tone.

For example, if you're an eCommerce store, you could create content that is directly related to product recommendations or reviews. If your goal is to increase web traffic, you could create content that is highly searchable and relevant to your industry. This content will become the backbone of your strategy and will help you determine which platforms you should use to reach your audience. But most importantly the use of language, and the consistency in messaging you're pushing out through advertising, is critical.

It's always a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors' ads and see how they're engaging with their audiences. To create a compelling offer, set yourself a goal and then find the best, most cost-effective ways of achieving it. This will not only make your content stand out, but it will also make you a more valuable expert in your field.

For example, if your goal is to secure repeat business from existing customers, you'll want to consider offering special discounts or deals. Or, if you're looking to gain new customers, you could offer a free trial version of your product or service. Ensure that these incentives are not only feasible for your company, but that they match the value that your audience provides to your brand, otherwise, you'll lose credibility.

The most effective content creators understand the difference between a compelling offer and an inflated one, and they ensure that each piece they create matches the former instead of the latter. When done right, content marketing allows you to speak to your audience where they are, and allows you to create a brand voice that will resonate with them. You don't want to speak to your audience in a way that makes them feel like they're being sold something, you want to provide them with value that will make them eager to hear from you again, turning your product from a want in to a need.

Dos and Don'ts of Content and Copies

DO Create a Call-To-Action For Consumers

An important consideration when designing a store ad is the call-to-action (CTA). The CTA is what will prompt a customer to click on your ad or continue reading your content. For example, a "Visit our site" button may appear below an Instagram story ad or a "Shop now" link may appear below an online store's content. This could be something as simple as a single button or link, or it may be something more elaborate such as a shopping cart. By guiding the online user to your retailer website, they can purchase the featured product in your ad. If you have a shopping cart available, get the customer to add their items to the cart which will then prompt a push to the checkout.

DON'T Have Inconsistent and Elementary Messaging

Avoid using negative words and expressions when writing your ad copy. Readers will naturally assume negative connotations when they encounter negativity in your writing, even if it's unintentional. Keep language clean and positive, and if you can, add a little humour if it seems appropriate to your client base. Negative or uninteresting words and phrases generally make a content piece less appealing, creating a less satisfying experience for your user. Even more so, making sure the copy displayed in your ad is representative of your business as a whole, and other ads or offerings that may exist regarding your brand, match the same tone.

Instead of saying, "this product is well designed", say, "designing for maximum user experience has always been a key consideration for us, and we're confident this product will fit into that category", for example. Using high modality and descriptive language allows for increased legitimacy and trust in your store.

DO Write For Scanners

When people read online copy, they tend to read vertically, not horizontally - in short, they glaze over what could be important material. By using different fonts, bold, italics, and bullets along with emojis, you can highlight the main points of your message. And, if your headline words, descriptions and sub headlines are well thought out, your ad, social copy or emails will be able to relay this message quickly and effectively without the need for big slabs of text.

DON'T Don’t Lie and Exaggerate

Be honest with your client base. Your ads should reveal information that is already readily available on your website and socials, and moreover, should be valuable and truthful. Although it is pivotal to ad success to capture the attention (and sustain it) of audiences, try not to include sensationalised headlines and copies that are not representational of your brand image and refer to promises that cannot be kept.

DO Find Your Niche and Stick To It (If It's Working)

Unless you're looking to increase the scope of your audience base, if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Changing elements of your ads, especially once it is published can do more bad than good. When you create FB and Google Ads, there is a formative stage where it is learning the best way to maximise your budget and serve your ads to audiences, by changing this before it has time to learn, you're at risk of not only not being able to discern what works best for you, but also waisting time and money.

Tip: if you're unsure of who your target audience is yet, launch a variety of campaigns (even test out blog post creation!) with a few different audiences types to see which configuration works best for you, conversion and impression wise and then alter these at a later date.

How Blend Streamlines the Ad Creation Process

Showcase your products on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing and TikTok and say goodbye to platform fatigue and start testing new channels for your digital marketing. Create one version of your ad and publish it across multiple advertising channels with a few simple clicks.

Blend integrates your store's inventory with major advertising platforms by creating a high-converting product feed. To drive even more revenue to the store we analyse your products and implement sales strategies best suited for your current inventory and aid you in the content creation process.

  • Multi Currency / Multi Country support
  • Real Time Updates
  • Accurate Measurement Tools to Calculate ROAS.
  • Unlimited SKUs

Create your content once and deliver across multiple channels to reach your target audience. We will handle the rest.

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