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Michael Bezman
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August 11, 2022

Ad Copy Ideas To Help Your Ecommerce Business This Father's Day

Understanding the role of customers in the buying process is integral to accurately create success for your company through advertising campaigns. Testing alternative advertising copywriting is the most effective and affordable mode of generating renewed interest in your product offering and creating new audiences.

As Father's Day quickly approaches, test out some of the following ideas to strengthen your ad copies:

1. Share New Trends or Research on Spending Habits

Audiences are intrigued by statistics and facts. But more so, they are concerned with data affirming their own circumstances and choices.

For example, new studies indicate that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, fathers have taken on more domestic work, shifting traditional notions of fathers as strictly economic providers toward identifying and accepting the role of fathers as more present caregivers.

Targeting your product offering so as to reflect these changing social norms, and acknowledging that your clientele may be faced with these changes (and other factual, societal changes), is important to not only legitimatise your brand image, but to target your product to a more appropriate audience. Try gearing your content and copy toward these statistical changes, and your products will feel more approachable and necessary for consumers.

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2. Produce Less Gendered and Generic Content

As we know, father-figures come in a variety of shapes and sizes with familial bonds no longer adhering to the traditional notion of the 'nuclear' family. Making sure your content is accessible to a variety of people during the slew of father's day marketing campaigns (especially if your product offering is not geared toward a predominately male or middle-aged audience i.e. the typical 'Dad' image) will set your business apart. Acknowledging non-paternal figures, mothers, grandparents, uncles and friends are good ways to keep things inclusive - and may even aid you in gearing your product toward the right audience more effectively!

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3. Run a Giveaway or Provide a Discount

Reward power is a lucrative tactic to gain interest from consumers in your company. Offering a discount or giveaway will prompt a drive in conversions and profits, allowing you to retain existing customers and attract new ones. The psychology behind this is very simple, by providing some form of recognition or 'prize', customers feel more engaged in the product offering, they are more inclined to choose your product over other competitors who are not providing a reward, and there is deeper engagement that may occur wherein customers become loyal to your business. Running promotions during important trade dates, such as Father's Day, allows a greater chance for attention as there will undoubtedly be a myriad of other advertising campaigns for competing companies circulating.

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4. Market with Emotion

Eliciting emotional responses in consumers is integral to effectively persuading them. Attention bias suggests that consumers pay more attention to emotionally stimulating content that evokes a sense of surprise, excitement and nostalgia. By prompting consumers to reflect on their own experiences and feelings, a variety of persuasion tactics can be used to engage users in your product offering. For example, during Father's Day, brands could choose to focus on sentimentality to promote - eliciting feelings of sadness and nostalgia, or they could use humour as a tool to appeal to an audience that would otherwise not be a target of their campaigns.

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5. Create Urgency and Demand

Amplifying feelings of urgency relies on a present feeling by consumers of wanting something. During Father's Day there is, and will be, a want for your product offering and as such, there is an integral need to turn that want in to a need. Creating scarcity, and setting deadlines are important to sway audiences, but to truly persuade, your ad copy has to truly convince the psyche. Using words and terms such as 'hurry', 'limited time' and 'last chance' create this sense of urgency in the buying process and prompts consumers to quickly necessitate a purchase. Other ways to aid consumers to shop with you include providing classic gift guide, or showcasing last minute gift ideas with some sort of reward like free delivery.  

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As always, remember that the images that accompany your copies are additionally important - so choose bright, clear and informative graphics to captivate your audiences and reinforce the copy ideas.

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Ad Copy Ideas To Help Your Ecommerce Business This Father's Day
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